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What it takes To Design a Complex PCB in Less Time

Electronic components are becoming complex and smaller. Same is the case with the printed circuit board. They are becoming complex, with more components placed on a smaller area. Various industrial studies suggest that during the last five years there are no changes in the layer counts, but the area has decreased by almost one third. With this, it is pretty much clear that PCB designs will no more be simpler as before. There are certain things to be kept in mind, while designing such PCBs. This post discusses those factors of consideration. Things to Consider While Designing Complex PCBs? Having [...]

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High-density-Interconnect (HDI) Flexible PCBs When there are no adequate options provided by typical flexible circuits, HDI PCBs come into play by incorporating fine features like micro-vias, better layout, construction, and design. In addition to the above features, other features include; highly dense flex circuitry, Increased functionality, and smaller form factor. HDI technology offers improved electrical performance, access to advanced IC package use, and better reliability though it makes use of thinner materials.   Benefits of Flex Circuits As for a ribbon cable or discrete wiring replacement, customized repeatable routing supplied by flex circuits trails all through the assembly. Because of [...]

What Factors Make SMT Advantageous in Terms of PCB Designing Services?

The ability to mount the circuits on both sides of a PCB and improved compactness are the reasons that have helped SMT (surface mount technology) come up as the most preferred technology in the PCB designing and PCB production services.   The benefit of using this technology is that the components require less space. Also every single component and device is capable of performing multiple tasks. The benefits of SMT technology can be seen both in terms of designing as well as manufacturing. Surface mount technology production has improved the efficiency of several processes, which was not possible earlier.   [...]