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PCB Manufacturing and PCBA electronics assembly Treds

PCB Manufacturing and PCBA electronics assembly Treds With new and improved technologies, the field of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing has been constantly evolving. The electronics industry is driven by innovations and better manufacturing methods that are growing in popularity. Improved technologies also demand the manufacturers to pay attention to the cost factors as well. With the existing technologies getting obsolete, it is important for manufacturers to keep up with the latest trends and developments. Let us get you through some of the most important developments in the PCB manufacturing industry, in the recent times.   PCB Manufacturing Trends and [...]

18 layers multilayers board from China pcb factory Hitechpcb

Technical description 18L multilayer board Technical description Material: FR-4 Tg180 Board thickness: 2.2mm Surface finished: Immersion gold+Controlled Impedance Copper thickness: 1 Oz for all layers Min.line width/space: 4mil Min through hole: 0.25mm Medical

Multilayer pcb︱quick turn pcb︱printed circuit board manufacturing

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With demand for smartphones weakening and Apple's iPhone sales continuing to rise, some smartphone vendors such as HTC, Xiaomi Technology and Asustek Computer have been demanding that their upstream suppliers, including Printed circuit board manufacturing, cut component prices to help reduce their pressure, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.