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Why Hitechpcb?

There are thousands of PCB manufacturers  and PCB assembly factories in China, why should I choose Hitech? Good Pricing We have 2 factories by far, and each one is dedicated in one aspect of PCB production, the workers are more professional and skillful in specified area, then the efficiency is higher and the cost is lower; also, our inland factory employs cheaper labor forces and housing than Shenzhen area, so the cost is cheaper obviously. Quick Delivery Devilry is quick–5-8 working days normally, 2 working days with a premium. High quality We fully understand quality comes first. All our factories [...]

What Factors Slow Down Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing?

Most people who need Printed Circuit Board services don't have a lot of extra time to spare. That's why there's an increased need for faster services that don’t sacrifice quality or are too expensive. But finding the right PCB partner can be difficult without thoroughly researching all the options. Not all Printed Circuit Board manufacturing companies are created equal; if you make assumptions, you could end up dealing with unnecessary (and costly) delays you hadn't anticipated. Let's take a closer look at some of the factors that can slow down the PCB manufacturing process. Prototyping Delays: If you're developing a [...]

4 Amazing PCB Facts You Might Not Know

If you’re familiar with the purpose of prototype printed circuit boards or PCB fabrication, you probably know how commonplace and necessary they are in today’s technologically dependent world. But even though printed circuit boards are found in almost every device we use on a daily basis, you might not know these four amazing facts about PCBs:   Some gramophones had printed circuit boards You may not realize it, but prototype PCBs aren’t an entirely new age convention. They were around in the early-to-mid 1900s and were used in some gramophones and tube radios! They may not look like the printed [...]

Multilayer printed circuit board & Multi-layer pcb

Multi-layer-pcb-6LMultilayer printed circuit boards (Multilayer PCBs) refer to printed circuit board has more than two copper layers, such as 4 layers PCB, 6 layers PCB, etc. Multilayer circuit boards were essential in the advancement of modern computing. Currently, we can produce up to 38 layers FR4 rigid PCB.

The multilayer PCB basic construction and fabrication are similar to micro chip fabrication on a macro size. Multilayer pcb can be built on ceramic pcb, copper, and aluminum based pcb. Blind and buried vias are commonly produced, along with pad on via technology. More layers it is, more complex & difficult the pcb manufacturing will be, and more expensive the cost will be. The lead time of multi-layer PCB is different from normal one; please contact us for a exact lead time.