High Density Interconnection PCB

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10L stage 2 Automotive HDI PCB

Technical description Layer count: 2 stage 10 layer Board thickness:1.0mm Dimension:160*130mm Raw material:FR4 EM825 Copper thickness on the board surface:≥35um Copper thickness in the hole barrel:20um Min.line width/space:0.075mm Minimum hole diameter:0.1mm Surface finishing:immersion gold≥2u" Application:automotive driving recorder

10L High Density Interconnect pcb

Technical description 10L High Density Interconnect board Laminate: FR4, Tg150 Board thickness: 1.6mm Copper thickness: 17.5um (Hoz) for all layers Solder resist: green color Surface Finish: Immersion gold Trace width/width: 0.89/0.1mm Min. holes:0.1mm Controlled Impedance Board stack up: 1+1+6+1+1 Application: Industry control

8L Cell phone HDI board PCB

Technical description 8layers High density PCB (HDI PCB) for cell phone Base material: FR4, Tg150 Layer count: 8 layers (HDI PCB) Surface finishing: immersion gold Board thickness: 1.0mm Copper thickness: 0.5oz Minimum line width: 0.075mm Minimum line spacing: 0.075mm Laser drilling + blind and

6 Layers HDI PCB

Technical description 6L High density PCB (HDI PCB) for intercom Board dimensions: 80 x 120mm Finished board thickness: 1.0mm Material: FR-4 Tg150 halogen free Minimum holes size: 0.1mm Minimum line width/clearance: 2/3mil Copper thickness: T oz (12um) Solder mask: top and bottom (color: Blue) Silkscreen: top (color: white) Finish: immersion gold (top and bottom) Board stack up: 1 + 4 + 1

6L HDI printed circuit board for Intercom

Technical description 10L multilayer pcb Technical description Material: FR-4 Tg170 Board thickness: 1.6mm Surface finished: Immersion gold+Controlled Impedance Copper thickness: 1 Oz for all layers Min.line width/space: 4mil Min through hole: 0.15mm