High Density Interconnection PCB

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6 Layers HDI PCB

Technical description 6L High density PCB (HDI PCB) for intercom Board dimensions: 80 x 120mm Finished board thickness: 1.0mm Material: FR-4 Tg150 halogen free Minimum holes size: 0.1mm Minimum line width/clearance: 2/3mil Copper thickness: T oz (12um) Solder mask: top and bottom (color: Blue) Silkscreen: top (color: white) Finish: immersion gold (top and bottom) Board stack up: 1 + 4 + 1

6L HDI printed circuit board for Intercom

Technical description 10L multilayer pcb Technical description Material: FR-4 Tg170 Board thickness: 1.6mm Surface finished: Immersion gold+Controlled Impedance Copper thickness: 1 Oz for all layers Min.line width/space: 4mil Min through hole: 0.15mm

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China PCB Manufacturer, PCB Fabrication& Board Assembly in China Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing which is our major business. I think you already know, we are a PCB manufacturer. We have 3 branch factories dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Prototypes Manufacturing, Small and Medium-volume Printed Circuit Board and FPC Manufacturing services. Our market target is the High Multilayer PCB, High Density board, Special Material & Process Printed Circuit Boards. Also, we can help customer do PCB assembly and provide one-stop service. Hitech Group is capable of providing full turn-key and partial turn-key PCB assembly services. For full turn-key, we take care [...]

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Over the years we have been insisting technological innovation, excellence, so that people well-know Hitech Circuits Co., Limited – "Specializes in High Multi-layer printed circuit board, High Density Interconnection PCB, Aluminium metal core PCB,  Quick turn pcb assembly service, Special Materials and Special Process Printed Circuit Boards.". Today's Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited already has two branch factories: one is a Quick Turn PCB Prototype Factory, So it's all about we have a good management and good organizational structure inseparable. Our organization: