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Flexible PCB Design – PCB Manufacturing – PCB Assembly

Flexible PCB  , Flexible Circuit  or Flex PCB assembly, is designed as a replacement for traditional wire harnesses, Is soft PCB board  compared with Rigid PCB assembly process. Flexible PCB can be manufactured as single-sided, double-sided or multilayer plated through printed circuit boards. This allows the complete wiring of compact devices and systems with the advantage that no additional cables or plug connectors will be required. Flex designs pose unique challenges for most PCB tools because traditional object checks don’t account for Flex check nuances. They present a new set of objects that are best accounted for during the design [...]

FPC Flex PCB Board For Connector

PCB Type: FLex PCB Layer Count: 2 layer Copper Thickness 1OZ Min .Line Width/Space: 4mil/4mil Min. Via Diameter: 0.1mm Board Finish Thickness: 1.0mm Surface Finish: Immersion Gold Size: 120*50MM Material: FR4-1.0MM Color: Yellow Testing Fly Probe (Free) and A.O.I(free) Function: Connector

What to Expect from a Flex PCB Manufacturer

The constant usage of electronic products in our day-to-day life and the extensive array of devices we use for varied applications is quite evident of our dependence upon them. But have you ever thought what these devices are dependent upon for their smooth operation? Printed circuit boards to be precise.   What is a Flexible Printed circuit Board? Flexible circuit boards are best suited for electronic devices, and are made of plastic layers like polyimide film (in many cases and for special purposes, fluorocarbon and aramid films are also used). The flexible laminate of the PCB consists of a conducting [...]

flex-rigid pcb fabrication pcba assembly bluetooth pcb

Technical description Production type:  flex-rigid pcb Material: FR4 HighTG & PI Application filed: Communication equipment Layer/thickness: 4L/1.2mm Surface treatment: Gold plating Line space/width: 3/3mil Minimum hole diameter: 0.3mm Technical feature: flex-rigid PCB flex-rigid pcb fabrication pcba assembly bluetooth pcb

3 Questions to ask a PCB Assembly Manufacturer before you work with them

Making the decision to partner with a PCB assembly manufacturer comes with many benefits. With a PCB assembly company as your partner, you can improve design efficiency, get a second pair of eyes on your designs, gain access to the latest technology, and reduce your material costs.   So, how do you find the right PCB company to work with?   A good PCB manufacturer will deliver high quality PCBs at a reasonable price. And they will be efficient, but not “cheap.” If you want quality, you need to pay more for it. But, the price you pay should be [...]

Recreational machines Flex pcb fabrication and FPCB assembly

Technical description doubled sides FPC cable with 3M Material: DuPont PI Layer/Thickness: 2L/0.7 mm Outer Copper: 1 OZ Surface treatment: Immersion gold Technical featuer: special material Application field: automobile products

Multilayer Flexible Circuits PCB Cable Prototype USB FPCB

Technical description Material: PI +  stiffener Layer/Thickness: 2L/0.15 mm (0.30mm including stifferner) Outer Copper: 1/1 OZ Surface treatment: Immersion gold Min. Hole Size:0.25mm Application field:communication products

Using Flex PCB in High-Speed Applications

The Flexible printed circuit board (Flexible PCB) industry makes copper-clad circuits in four different classes, the traditional rigid circuits, flexible circuits, circuits meant for high speed and high frequency PCB, and High Density Interconnect PCB or HDI PCB. Traditional flex pcb circuits are popular as they are primarily of low layer-count, are highly flexible board, and used in static as well as dynamic motion applications. There are also the rigid-flex  PCB circuits with the ability to join flexible circuits with multilayer rigid PCBs. Conceptually, this is like multilayer PCBs with built-in flex circuit layers. Typically, FR-4 type materials form the [...]