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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly The circuit board before the assembly of electric components is called Printed Circuit Board. After the soldering of all the elements on the board, it is known as Printed circuit Board Assembled, we called PCB assembly. The complete process of component's assembly is called Printed Circuit Assembly or Printed Circuit Board assembly or PCB board assembly. In this process, different automatic and manual assembly tools are used. We are assembler that offer PCB assembly. PCB boards cannot perform any function until and unless its assembly is completed. PCB assembly is a process of assembling and soldering [...]

How much do you know PCB Assembly First Article inspection?

First Articles Inspections (FAI) are generally less common than other inspection types, like visual inspection, AOI, X-ray and SPI in the mind of people who are involved in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Manufacturing industry. And many of PCB assembly or SMT assembly suppliers who are unaware of the customer’ requirements might resist outside inspection.   It’s even more important to outline your PCB assembly requirement for a first article inspection in your fabrication drawing documentation, and check with the circuit board assembly manufacturer whether it has capability to conduct the FAI work and meet your requirement. If the requirement [...]