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IPC Releases 5 New Standards

IPC announces the release of five newly revised standards covering several areas of the supply chain.   IPC/WHMA-A-620D, Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies IPC-2223E, Sectional Design Standard for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards IPC-2591-Version 1.1, Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) IPC-1791A, Trusted Electronic Designer, Fabricator and Assembler Requirements IPC- 6012E, Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards PURCHASE NOW   Details on some of the changes for the newly released standards:   IPC/WHMA-A-620D provides several changes that were requested by the industry. The task group addressed the target conditions in the document by moving some conditions to acceptable [...]

Perfil de la empresa español

Hitech Circuits Co., Limited, fabricante de ensamblaje de PCB y PCB ( Printed Circuit Board, en español Placa De Circuito Impreso) en China con buena prestigio de alta calidad y bueno servicio se dedica en PCB Rígido, PCB de alta densidad, PCB de aluminio y ensamblaje de componentes electrónicos con  servicio de reacondicionamiento rápido. Ahora podemos proporcionar productos PCB de 1 a 38 capas, incluidos PCB de doble capa, PCB de múltiples capas, PCB con núcleo metálico, PCB Rigído-Flex y PCB de alta densidad (HDI), el servicio de montaje de PCB, etc. Placa de circuito impreso y fabricación de productos [...]

Profilo Aziendale Italiano

Hitech Circuits Co., Limited è una società di produzione e assemblaggio PCB in Cina con una lunga tradizione di qualità ed eccellenza. La nostra azienda è focalizzata su pcb rigidi, pcb ad alta densità, pcb in alluminio e assemblaggio elettrostatico con un servizio rapido. Attualmente, siamo in grado di fornire da 1 a 38 strati di PCB, tra cui anche PCB a due strati, PCB multistrato, PCB con nucleo in metallo, PCB rigidi-flessibili, PCB ad alta densità (HDI), servizi di assemblaggio PCB ecc. Il nostro settore principale è relativo a produzione di circuiti stampati e moduli elettronici. Siamo una società [...]

Profil de l’entreprise français

Hitech Circuits Co, Limited est un producteur de circuits imprimés et d'assemblage de circuits imprimés en Chine avec une longue tradition de qualité et d'excellence. Notre société se concentre sur les circuits imprimés rigides, les circuits imprimés haute densité, les circuits imprimés en aluminium et l'assemblage électronique avec service de rotation rapide. Maintenant, nous pouvons fournir de 1 à 38 couches de produits PCB, ce qui comprend les PCB double couche, PCB multicouche, PCB à noyau métallique, PCB rigide flexible et PCB haute densité (HDI), service d'assemblage PCB, etc. La fabrication de circuits imprimés et d'électronique qui est notre activité [...]

Firmenprofil Russisch

сборка печатных плат & Электронная сборка & Производство по OEM в Китае Hitech Circuits является производителем в Китае с многолетним опытом поддержания качества своей работы. Наша компания специализируется на производстве сборка печатных плат, печатных плат с высокой плотностью межсоединений, ПП с алюминиевым основанием и электронной сборке с высокой скоростью изготовления. Мы можем изготовить платы с 1 и до 38 слоев. В том числе, двухсторонние печатные платы, многослойные платы, платы с металлическим основанием, гибко-жёсткие печатные платы и печатные платы с высокой плотностью межсоединений (HDI), а также компания занимается сборкой и обслуживанием. Наша основная деятельность связана с производством и сборка печатных плат [...]

Perfil da Empresa Português

Montagem de PCB & Montagem de eletroeletrônicos & Produção de Eletroeletrônicos da China Hitech Circuits Co., Limited é uma fábrica de montage PCB & PCB sedidada na China com uma grande tradição em qualidade e excelência. Nossa empresaf oca em pcb rígido, pcb de alta densidade, pcb de alumínio e na montagem de eletroeletrônicos com um serviço de rápida conclusão. No momento nós fornecemos de 1 à 38 camadas de produtos PCB, as quais incluem camadas duplas de PCB, camadas múltiplas de PCB, núcleos metálicos de PCB, PCB rígidos e flexíveis e de alta densidade (HDI), serviço de montagem de [...]

Medical device circuit board assembly manufacturing from China

Hitechpcb team has lots of combined electronics experience in the printed circuit board assembly process. We have a dedicated quick turn pcb assembly line capable of providing your prototype within 3-5 working days. Digitally controlled printed circuit board production equipment provides greater efficiency, accuracy and quality control. Fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allows us to monitor and control every PCB assembly process and procedure for consistent, reliable results. Our contact way: sales@hitechpcb.com sales@hitechcircuits.com

Global PCB Electronic Components Sourcing services

Global PCB Electronic Components Sourcing services Electronics Components we get from Mouser/Digikey/Farnell/Element/RS..., mosts of time from USA, Singapore, HK, many type of Components part we can suggest customers to use Chinese brands to cut the cost. Such as: connectors and some cable, can drop 90% cost. before doing this will send datasheet to confirm and send sample for approval. When we do components sourcing, we always want to make sure that we guarantee the durability, performance and value we provide. And that’s why we work only with authorized distributors. This way you can be certain that the purchase you make [...]

Know Your PCB assembly Costs

How great would it be if you could have a solid quote for your Michigan PCB Assembly Services in-hand before work is ever begun? When so many other aspects of manufacturing and component acquisition can be uncertain and unpredictable, it would certainly be beneficial for your company to be able to budget for the critical PCB’s needed for an upcoming time frame. Hitech PCB Circuits understands the value of budgeting and predicting production costs, and that’s why the Instant Quote application is made available to our loyal existing clients, as well as those who are just coming on board. Predicting PCB Costs [...]

Know More about Electronic Assembly Manufacturing

Designing a printed circuit board is a complex procedure as a number of stages are involved in developing different types of single and multi-layered boards. To create a fully functional board, various components are attached to it.   The services provided by electronic assembly manufacturing companies are important for electronics industry as all the devices and gadgets are equipped with printed circuit boards with different circuitries.   Now, let’s have a look at the most significant electronic components attached to a PCB that are as follow   onnectors- These are used to establish electric connections. Resistors- They resist current Capacitors- [...]