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China customized fr4 prototype pcb assembly

Technical description Product type: prototype pcb assembly Material: Fr4 1000-2 Application filed: Data Acquisition Layer/thickness: 4L/0.8mm Surface treatment: ENIG Line space/width: 0.26/0.23mm Minimum hole size: 0.45mm Technical Feature: impedance control Components: As Bom list

Know Your PCB assembly Costs

How great would it be if you could have a solid quote for your Michigan PCB Assembly Services in-hand before work is ever begun? When so many other aspects of manufacturing and component acquisition can be uncertain and unpredictable, it would certainly be beneficial for your company to be able to budget for the critical PCB’s needed for an upcoming time frame. Hitech PCB Circuits understands the value of budgeting and predicting production costs, and that’s why the Instant Quote application is made available to our loyal existing clients, as well as those who are just coming on board. Predicting PCB Costs [...]

mother board prototype pcb Assembly service

Technical description prototype pcb Assembly service Product type: 6 Layers Board Material: Fr4 S1000-2 TG170 Application filed: Electronics Equipment Layer/thickness: 6L/1.6mm Surface treatment: ENIG Line space/width: 0.10/0.10mm Minimum hole size: 0.25mm Technical Feature: Fine line, impedance control Components: As Bom list

Automated PCB fabrication and assembly service

Technical description Material: Fr4 Application filed: data acqusition Layer/thickness: 6L/1.6mm Surface treatment: ENIG Line space/width: 4/4 mile Minimum hole size: 0.20mm Technical Feature: HDI Components: As Bom list

Common Issues You Should Avoid When Transitioning to Machine PCB Assembly- PCB fabrication

Making any kind of change can come with its fair share of frustrations and pitfalls, but those issues can just about double when it comes to change in a highly technical industry like printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication. So when it comes time for you to make the switch from hand-made PCBs to automated PCB assembly, it's important to know what you're up against. Are you ready to learn what to watch out for during this tricky transition? If you answered yes, keep reading.   Lack of Silkscreen When the time comes for you to make the move to automated [...]

PCB assembly supplier from China

For full turn-key pcb assembly, we take care of the entire process, including PCB manufacturing, procurement of components, continuous monitoring of quality and final circuit board assembly.   For partial turn-key pcb assembly, the customer can provide related components, and the remaining parts will be supplied by us.   Complete testing will be done Strictly as below: Component : Check part number and parameters , performance test. Visual Inspection : Check solder missing, solder wrong, sealing-off, insufficient solder ICT Inspection : Check short and open circuit X-Ray Inspection : Check the insufficient solder on BGA. Electronic Function Test : Need [...]

FR4 electronic printed pcb circuit board assembly

Technical description FR4 electronic printed pcb circuit board assembly Material: FR4 94V-0 Layer/Thickness: double sides/double faces 1.60mm Outer Copper:1 OZ/ 35um Surface treatment: OSP Min. Hole Size:0.40mm Min. Line Width:0.20mm Min. Line Spacing:8mile Technical featuer:  rigid Application field: Digital Equipment

3 Questions to ask a PCB Assembly Manufacturer before you work with them

Making the decision to partner with a PCB assembly manufacturer comes with many benefits. With a PCB assembly company as your partner, you can improve design efficiency, get a second pair of eyes on your designs, gain access to the latest technology, and reduce your material costs.   So, how do you find the right PCB company to work with?   A good PCB manufacturer will deliver high quality PCBs at a reasonable price. And they will be efficient, but not “cheap.” If you want quality, you need to pay more for it. But, the price you pay should be [...]

Multilayer Flexible Circuits PCB Cable Prototype USB FPCB

Technical description Material: PI +  stiffener Layer/Thickness: 2L/0.15 mm (0.30mm including stifferner) Outer Copper: 1/1 OZ Surface treatment: Immersion gold Min. Hole Size:0.25mm Application field:communication products