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Six methods to inspect PCB

PCBs are necessary to do electric inspection after manufacturing and assembling. We are professional PCB manufacturer which have been focous on PCB over 10 years. We offer PCB one stop services worldwide, so we attach great importance to electric inspection,we use all-round inspection with good inspect method to increase the efficiency on PCBs. The following are some measuring methods on PCBs,which will find out where short or open. If it is manual welding, we should form good habits. First of all, Visual check the PCBs before welding, and use a multimeter to check the key circuit (especially the power and [...]

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Technical description Material: FR4 TG180  S1000-2 Production type: Multilayer laye Application filed: Communication equipment Layer/thickness: 6L/1.6mm Surface treatment: Gold plating Copper thicknes: 3 oz on all layers Minimum hole diameter: 0.30mm Technical feature:impedance control

Why Printed Circuit Boards Remain in High Demand?

The printed circuit board (PCB) industry has experienced rapid growth in recent times and studies show that predictions for the future are equally as optimistic. What is the key to this growth and what is driving it?   Part of the reason is printed circuit boards are a building block for everything electronic. PCBs are used with conductive strips to act as insulating bases. They are usually in the form of fibreglass, and the conductive connections are made from copper through the etching process.   In simple terms, PCBs are used when making electronic circuits. They may contain single or [...]