You might have some questions of heavy copper PCB, and here will share some questions to help work better for heavy copper PCB.

Question 1: How many types of Heavy copper PCB do we have?

Answer 1: We have Double-sided heavy copper pcb, 4 layers heavy copper pcb printed circuit board, 8 layers heavy copper pcb printed circuit board, 12 layers heavy copper printed wiring board.

Question 2: Can you mix different copper thickness on one board, such as 10 OZ on Top & Bot but 5OZ on L2 & L3?

Answer 2: we can make 10OZ mix with 5OZ at the same board. Just make sure copper thickness on the same layer should be the size.

Question 3: Any plated through holes (PTH) and vias and clearances in all layers have to follow the 10 OZ size rules!

Answer 3: Yes, it has to follow up the rules for the layers which has thickest copper thickness. If this PTH is a blind or buried hole, then things will be different. For clearness, 1 OZ layer doesn’t need to follow up rules of 10 OZ layers.

Question 4: What Heavy copper PCB can be used for?

Answer 4: Heavy copper PCB can be used for Welding Equipment, Solar Panel, Power Converters and Power Supplies.