HDI PCB is or High Density Interconnect PCB is categorization of a PCB with a higher wiring density per unit area. The main purpose of using the PCB is to reduce the size, weight and to improve the functions of the device. These days the device is using largely in the manufacturing of many technological devices and it is making the best alternative of expensive standard laminated boards. The best part about High Density Interconnect PCB is that it has very fine lines, extra small vias, higher connection pad density and capture pads that of the other conventional PCB technology.  In many nooks and crannies of the country, the PCB devices have been using to meet electrical requirements for high-speed signals. Some other elements available in the PCB devices help it reducing unnecessary radiation to improve the functionality. The PCB is supposed to be this new era’s most advance and latest technological element that require less area along with improved results.


A few Advanced Capabilities ofHigh Density Interconnect PCB:
1. Multilayer copper filled stacked micro via structure
2. 1.2/1.2 mil line/space
3. Wide material and surface finish selections
4. Complex rigid-flex HDI products
5. Any layer HDI
6. 3/9 mil laser via capture pad size
7. Embedded distributed and discrete passive components


In this era of technology, the interconnect PCB device is used in main components of computers,mobile phones and personal digital assistants as well. One of the best things that make people using the device for more efficient work is excellent function at dramatically reduced cost. The interconnect PCB device is a cost-efficient device these days. More use of technological devices for personal as well as professional perspective has made increase in demand of this PCB device. Presently, the use of the device is not limited up to the mobile phones only, but HDI PCB is also widely used in wide spectrum of some other consumer products like game consoles and MP3, etc.