Looking for a PCB manufacturer who has in-depth technical know-how, and capacity to fabricate quick turn prototype Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)?


There lists some of the important factors to consider when selecting a quick turn PCB manufacturer.


Parameters to Consider when Selecting a Quick Turn Prototype Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer


Whether your application demands simple or highly complex quick turn prototype PCBs, you must partner with a manufacturer who has proven experience in the field. Associating with an expert in the market helps you avail a product of expected quality and efficiency.


Some of the things you must keep in mind include;


•Partner with a Manufacturer Who Understands the Term “Quick Turn” – Ensure to partner with a PCB manufacturer who is capable to provide prototype PCBs in less lead time. At the same time, make sure that assurance of fastest delivery will not affect the product quality.


•Associate with a Fabricator Who is Well Equipped – Quick turn prototype PCB production requires latest technology machines and processes. Ensure to partner with a PCB fabricator who owns advanced etching machines, laminators, scoring and packing machines. Also, the manufacturer must possess cutting-edge testing equipment like fly probe tester, e-tester, and automated optical inspection to conduct quality checks.

•Partner with a Manufacturer whose Operations are in Conformance with Global Quality Standards – Ensure to partner with a PCB manufacturer who is committed to provide value-driven products, whilst meeting strict delivery time. Ensure that the type of raw materials used in the production meet the highest level of quality, and adhere to RoHS standards. Also, the prototype PCB manufacturing processes must be UL approved, and in compliance with international standards and guidelines.


Before finalizing with a manufacturer who offers quick turn prototype PCBs, it is suggested to compare the competence of one or two manufacturers. You can read online reviews, and information provided on the manufacturers’ websites. Also, you can ask questions to manufacturers to know about their capabilities. This will help you select a manufacturer, who is skilled enough to provide a prototype model within the stipulated time.