Hitechpcb is continuously innovating the technology improving our rigid PCB Capability to meet customers High-Tech requirements with High-Density PCB, High Multilayer pcb, Greater Aspect Ratio, betterImpedance Controlled product.
Our Rigid PCB Capabilities below:

Layer counts: 1-38 Layers
Maximum size: 580x1900mm
Material: CEM1, FR1,FR-4,High Tg FR-4,Halogen free,High Frequency(Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,Nelco…), Aluminium base, Copper base
Board outline tolerance: ±0.10mm
Board thickness: 0.1-6.0mm
Thickness tolerance: ( t ≥0.8mm) ±8%
Thickness tolerance: ( t <0.8mm) ±10%
Out layer copper thickness : H oz -20 oz
Inner layer copper thickness: 1/2 oz -10oz
Minimum line/ space: 0.075mm
Minimum finished hole: (mechanical) 0.15mm
Minimum finished hole: (laser) 0.1mm
Aspect ratio:15:1
Impedance control tolerance: ±10%
Bow and twist: Max. 0.7%
HDI PCB stack up: 1+N+1,2+N+2,1+1+N+1+1,3+N+3
Surface Treatment: HASL,HASL Lead Free, ENIG,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,Flash Gold,Golden Finger,OSP,Carbon Ink, Peelable Mask.
Microvia & ELIC technology

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