Project Description

  • Thin pcb 0.2mm FR4 material

Thin pcb 0.2mm FR4 material

Fr-4, one of the commonly used pcb, 0.2mm thin pcb is a code for the grade of flame-resistant materials. Fr-4 material has higher mechanical properties, dimensional stability, impact resistance, it also has excellent electrical performance, higher working temperature. It is mainly used for double-sided pcbs.

Technical Parameters

Thin pcb 0.2mm FR4
FR4 material, 0.2mm thickness pcb,  ENIG pcb, 94v0 pcb
material: FR4,
copper finished: 1/1 OZ
finished thickness: 0.2mm
surface finished: immersion gold (Au 2U”)
min hole: 0.25mm
solder mask: green