Project Description

  • SMT Assembly

SMT Assembly

As today’s electronics design become smaller and more complex, more engineers are relying on surface mount technology which became the preferred pcb assembly technology in electronics manufacturing.Surface mounting is a way to produce electronic circuits by placing components directly onto the board’s surface. Meeting the demands of your SMT assembly requirements is easier with Hitech, your trusted electronic manufacturing service provider.

Technical Parameters

SMT assembly Lead Times

The final lead time for your SMT assembly order is procurement lead time plus assembly time. On average, lead times for assembly are 1-5 days for just PCB assembly and 10-16 days for turnkey PCB assembly.

If you have a PCB design that requires fine pitch, a rush order or even the challenge of getting a hard-to-find component you have Hitech Circuits Co., Limited , your PCB partner who is flexible and dependable for your most complicated needs!

Hitech Circuits is a professional SMT assembly manufacturer in China, supplies PCB assmbly service for consumer electronics, industrial equipment, automotive electronics, telecommunications devices, medical devices etc. Email [email protected] if you have demands for PCB assmbly manufacturing.