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  • Rogers PCB 4350 materials

Rogers PCB 4350B materials

Rogers RO4350B or RO4450 is the normal raw materials for high frequency PCB ( Rogers PCB )
Basically, Rogers Corporation is the company that manufactures the laminate materials to be used in high-frequency circuit boards for high functioning gadgets. Usually, Rogers pcb finishing in immersion sliver.

Rogers PCB Ro4350B high frequency PCB

Nearly all the circuit boards are made of Flame Retardant level 4 or FR4 materials which is a glass fiber and mix of epoxy composite laminated with copper foil on one or both sides.
Rogers sells the FR-4 core with copper laminates for the PCB, most importantly for the cores to have better frequency properties.
In some cases, they are even expensive than the fiberglass but less glossy at high frequencies which makes it ordinary for the RF circuit boards.
The Rogers PCBs are quite different from the general standard PCB and the reason is they have no glass fiber in the middle and mostly are ceramic-based.

What is Rogers RO4350B material?

Rogers RO4350B is excellent Radio frequency PCB material
Dielectric Constant 3.48±0.05@10 GHz
The raw material of Rogers RO4350B PCB is made by Rogers Corporation
Rogers Corporation is a popular name in the industry producing heavyweight and advanced electronic PCB materials.
Most of their materials supplies are aimed to help power, protect and connect throughout the world. From this perspective,
Rogers Corporation has various types of material production within a number of industries in order to solve the issues related to next-generation applications.
The Rogers Corporation empowers the innovation and breakthroughs of the attributes of reliability, efficiency, and performance of specialty applications.

Why lots of industry Choose Rogers PCB

Rogers PCB is a high frequency printed circuit board which is produced by Rogers company’s raw material,  Rogers PCB can be trusted as there are lesser products to serve at its level in conventional PCBs.
It is also reliable in terms of their service criteria because they offer samples so that anyone can understand the effectiveness and efficiency before finalizing.
This puts ease among the customers to choose Rogers PCB.
The moisture absorption feature is not served by the ordinary PCBs which is also a reason for Rogers PCBs increasing popularity.
These characteristics are appropriate for being used in every kind of environment and weather conditions by ensuring lesser chances of malfunctions.
In addition, Rogers PCB is resistant to several types of chemicals so that it can be used in almost all the industries without any pressure.

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