Project Description

  • Rigid-flex PCB 10L

10 layers rigid-flex PCB with blind and buried via

The rigid-flex PCB board 10 layer made of FR4+PI with immersion gold finishing. Hitech’s 10 layer rigid-flexible boards can be used in some products with special requirements, which can save the internal space of the product, reduce the volume of the finished product, and increase product performance, therefore, it is favored by manufacturers of industrial control, medical, and military equipment.

Technical Parameters

Material: FR4+PI
Board thickness: 1.2mm
10 layer rigid-flexible PCB  board
Flexible layer: layer 5-6,
Buried via: 2-8,
Blind via: layer 1-2, layer 9-10
minimum drill: 0.1mm,
Minimum trace width space: 4mil,
With impedance control,
Immersion gold finish.

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