Project Description

  • Flex-rigid-fabrication

Rigid flex PCB board fabrication

What is rigid flex pcb board?
Rigid-flex PCB board, it is a circuit board that combines flexible and rigid circuit board technology in the application. Most rigid-flex boards are composed of multiple layers of flexible circuit boards, which are attached to one or more rigid boards from the outside and/or from the inside, depending on the design of the application.

Technical Parameters

  • Product type: Rigid-flex PCB 4 layers
  • Material: PI + FR4
  • Application filed: Electronics Equipment
  • Layer/thickness:  8L/0.127mm
  • Surface treatment: Immersion gold(ENIG)
  • Line space/width: 0.15/0.15mm
  • Minimum hole size: 0.35mm
  • Technical Feature: Special materials,
  • Rigid flex PCB technology

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