Project Description

  • Power supply circuit board 8L

Power supply circuit board 8L

Immersion gold finishing on 8 layer power supply which made of 8 layer heavy copper core pcb in FR4 EM827 material. The board thickness is 1.60 mm and 3 Oz copper thickness of inner and outer layer. 8 layer circuit board widely uses in tablet power supply. Don’t hesitate to contact Hitech, your best supplier of 8 layer power supply circuit board in China.

Technical Parameters

  • 8L Heavy copper core PCB
  • Layer: 8L
  • Material: FR4 EM827
  • Board thickness: 1.60mm
  • Surface finished: Immersion gold
  • Copper thickness: Inner layer 3 Oz, out layer, 3Oz
  • Application:tablet power supply

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