Project Description

  • One-stop PCB Assembly Services

One-stop PCB Assembly Services

Turnkey generally refers to any product or service that is sold to the buyer in a immediate using form. When applied to pcb assembly, turnkey means that the supplier handles all aspects of pcb solutions, including components procuring and pcb manufacturing, picking and placing components on specific locations. In essence, full turnkey PCB assembly gives the buyer greater freedom to focus on pcb design, while the supplier takes care of the rest, which is why it is a leading form of pcb one-stop electronic assembly services.

Technical Parameters

PCB Assembly China, PCB Assembly Manufacturing, quote/order 24 hour;
SMT Assembly, Through Hole PCB Wave soldering Assembly, Assembly services,
SMT Assembly Electronic assembly Manufacturing services, Mass Production

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  • PCB Assembly mass Production:
    SMT, Though hole components, PCBA circuit boards assembly.
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