Project Description

  • Long PCBs 1900 mm in length, 4 layers multilayer pcb

Long PCBs 1900 mm in length, 4 layers multilayer pcb

Long PCBs 1900 mm in length is a rigid printed circuit board. This 4 layer pcb design structure offers excellent routing as well as high-speed signals. Some key benefits such as smaller and quality-driven designs, excellent durability, higher assembly density. Owing to the features, 4-layer PCBs are widely used in many electronic applications, such as heart monitors, computers, GPS technology, mobile phones, data storage, signal transmission etc.

Technical Parameters

For one of our customers we has manufactured a 1900mm long board, it is a 4 layer multilayer pcb. The production of rigid printed circuit boards is made with a batch principle. In doing so, a number of panels are processed to realize functioning printed circuit board. The panels have, in most cases, the maximum size of 600mm.

With the demand for larger printed circuit board dimensions customized production processes are required. Hitech pcb is one of the companies that can provide multi-layer printed circuit boards with dimensions up to 600 x 1900mm.

The printed circuit board is part of a measuring system in an industrial machine. For a proper working of the system it is necessary that the circuit board is produced in one piece, to be able to meet the tolerance requirements of the customer.

The expertise of the Hitech Circuits Co., Limited specialists has been to fine-tune the customer requirements and production options as well as possible to one another. In order to allow for the production adjustments to the production processes were required. An additional challenge was getting the basic material of sufficient size to make the 1900mm long boards.

Meanwhile, the first PCBs of this new printed circuit board are delivered to the customer.

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