Project Description

  • Heavy Copper PCB board 6 Layers

Heavy Copper PCB board 6 Layers

6L heavy copper core pcb consist of FR-4 Tg170℃ S1000-2, board thickness is 2.40mm. Besides that the large amount of copper plating forms high-current circuits and control circuits, and a very thick and straightforward whisker structure can be observed. The large amount of copper in the pcb promotes the association with standard circuits. Brings higher current to the circuit board and transfers heat to the external radiator.

Technical Parameters

  • 6L Heavy copper core PCB
  • Layer: 6L
  • Material: FR-4 Tg170℃ S1000-2
  • Size: 206.78*111.70mm
  • Board thickness: 2.40mm
  • Surface finished: HASL
  • Copper thickness: Inner layer 3 Oz, out layer, 3Oz
  • Min through hole: 0.50mm