Project Description

  • 6 layers flex-rigid printed circuit board

6 layers flex-rigid printed circuit board

Flex-rigid printed circuit board for electronics is crafted using superior quality FR4 Tg170+PI material and boasts countersunk holes for increased efficiency in wiring. Email [email protected] if you are looking for remarkable flexibility 6 layer flex-rigid printed circuit board.

Technical Parameters

  • Layers: 6 layers Rigid-flex Pinted circuit board with Countersunk holes
  • Material: FR4 TG170 + PI
  • Thickness: 3.00mm+/-10%
  • Surface treatment: immersion gold
  • Panel size: 293*58mm
  • Specialty: L3-4 (flexible board), L1-2,L5-6 (rigid board)
  • Solder mask: Green + Coverlay
  • Legend: White
  • Countersunk holes on rigid parts