Project Description

Electronics manufacturing company

Hitech is a 10+ years experience electronic & PCB manufacturer in China, we supplies PCB board for technology startups. Email [email protected] whether you want to assemble and test prototypes or small batches of PCB boards.

Technical Parameters

  • Fully Automated Screen Printers with 2-D vision.
  • Inline 3-D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI).
  • Fully Automated Pick and Place Equipment capable of placing 01005 chip components and micro-BGA’s.
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is performed on all surface mount components.
  • Off line programming and quick change feeders allow for the utmost efficiency and flexibility in job change over.
  • 3-D X-Ray for BGA and QFN components.
  • Quick-change feeders for job flexibility.
  • Dedicated lead and lead-free Selective Solder and Wave Solder equipment.