Project Description

  • Ceramic Circuit Board Alumina PCB

Ceramic Circuit Board Alumina PCB

Aluminum nitride pcb, high mechanical strength and thermal conductivity, excellent insulation and suitable thermal expansion coefficient and other characteristics, and can meet the requirements of high frequency, high heat dissipation and other special requirements for pcb. The ceramic circuit board has good heat dissipation effect, strong oxidation resistance and excellent mechanical properties. Alumina ceramics has excellent electrical insulation properties and high thermal conductivity.

Technical Parameters

  1. Substrate: Aluminum Nitride board;
  2. Thermal Conductivity: 170W/(m·K);
  3. Conductor Layer Structure: Ti/Cu/Ni/Au, whose thickness are 0.1μm, 50μm, 3μm, 1.0μm.
  4. The product is widely used in electronic packaging with stable performance and reliable quality.

We can customize all kinds of ceramic printed circuit board, various sizes, various shapes,various substrate (aluminum nitride, alumina, monocrystalline silicon), various line spaces and various proceeds (Electroplating, MEMS, Thick film, Printing). Please do not hesitate to contact us freely, if you have any requirments or questions.