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Why Rapid PCB Prototyping is so Important?

Why Rapid PCB Prototyping is so Important? As the need for manufacturers to increase their time-to-market speed increases, the need for faster PCB prototyping also increases. Rapid Printed Circuit Board Prototyping is usually the step that takes the longest in the whole process and, as such, needs to be shortened in practical ways because new software and features can only be tested out on prototypes. Let’s take a more in-depth look at why rapid PCB prototyping is so important. Short Turnarounds The best express PCB prototyping methods all have one thing in common: short turnaround times. This means that new [...]

Crucial Things to Consider for Quick Turn PCBs and Printed circuit board assembly

The electronics industry is one of that critical sectors wherein new product developments and modifications to the existing products happen every now and then. To support the inventions of such a fast-moving sector, PCB fabricators also offer several printed circuit board assembly services to meet the requirements of the electronics manufacturers. Amongst all such services, quick turn PCBs matter the most for meeting challenging deadlines and creating high-grade assemblies keeping pace with the latest market trends. Being such a crucial PCB service, it is important to ensure that the entre quick turn assembly processes move as fast as possible with [...]


A Flexible PCB is defined as an arranged pattern of integrated circuits and components that uses flexible based materials. Here, the same components used to produce rigid printed circuits boards might be used to fabricate these flexible electronic assemblies, but they should allow the flexibility of the board during its application. Some of the advantages provided by flexible PCBs include; low mass, greater reliability, high ductility, and space savings. But also, inventors/designers must be ready for their complexity and complications. Except for the fact that the designer must be accountable for the mechanical complexity related to a flex circuit, there’s [...]


High-density-Interconnect (HDI) Flexible PCBs When there are no adequate options provided by typical flexible circuits, HDI PCBs come into play by incorporating fine features like micro-vias, better layout, construction, and design. In addition to the above features, other features include; highly dense flex circuitry, Increased functionality, and smaller form factor. HDI technology offers improved electrical performance, access to advanced IC package use, and better reliability though it makes use of thinner materials.   Benefits of Flex Circuits As for a ribbon cable or discrete wiring replacement, customized repeatable routing supplied by flex circuits trails all through the assembly. Because of [...]

Challenges Faced By PCB Manufacturer on Lead Free SMT PCB Assembly in China

SMT PCB Assemblies are getting more and more complex. While SMT PCB Assembly makers strive for 100% yield, the fact is that achieving it is extremely difficult. While a majority of electronics today utilize SMT Components however the reduced component sizes make putting them onto PCBs extremely difficult. Other than this, there are a number of other defects that SMT metal core pcb Assembly has to overcome, primary among them include: Poor Solder Paste Release Solder Paste Release, in turn, is determined by aspect ratio and surface area ratio. Aspect ratio compares the smallest dimension of the stencil aperture to the stencil [...]

Why Printed Circuit Boards Remain in High Demand?

The printed circuit board (PCB) industry has experienced rapid growth in recent times and studies show that predictions for the future are equally as optimistic. What is the key to this growth and what is driving it?   Part of the reason is printed circuit boards are a building block for everything electronic. PCBs are used with conductive strips to act as insulating bases. They are usually in the form of fibreglass, and the conductive connections are made from copper through the etching process.   In simple terms, PCBs are used when making electronic circuits. They may contain single or [...]

Key Requirements When Selecting an Aluminum PCB Manufacturer

Key Requirements When Selecting an Aluminum PCB Manufacturer-Aluminum and FR4 PCB Supplier-HitechPCB   For the most part, all PCB manufacturing follows the same production process regardless of where they are made. The only true differences in suppliers is the level of automation in their process, the newest technology and equipment, and having specific equipment designed to focus on certain types of end products. For aluminum PCBs, there are several key items that a PCB manufacturer needs to consider if they are going to be able to effectively produce aluminum PCBs in any quantity, including:   Dedicated Imaging Equipment Many of [...]

Flexible PCB suppliers bracing for price war

With China-based Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing (DSBJ) looking to acquire US-based Multi-Fineline Electronix (MFLEX), a price war is likely to take place in the worldwide flexible PCB industry later in 2016, according to industry sources.

Decelerating smartphone sales growth and uncertainty about the adoption of wearable devices in the mass market, as well as volatile exchange rates, are already challenges faced by the flexible PCB industry. The acquisition of MFLEX by DSBJ will lead to more intense competition among players, and a price war could break out, the sources indicated.

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Top 5 Countries Query High Density Interconnect PCB the Most in Dec, 2016

Here are the top 5 countries which query High Density Interconnect PCB the most in December, 2016: Country/Region Clicks Impressions CTR Position United States 39,672 314,412 12.62% 35.1 India 3,648 72,504 5.03% 58.6 China 1,596 69,426 2.30% 60.7 Canada 798 10,374 7.69% 25.5 Korea 570 7,866 7.25% 32.1 USA got the most Clicks, Impressions and click Through Rate. It seems High Density Interconnect PCB is needed the most in United states around the world. The impressions in India and China are also good. And the keyword High Density Interconnect PCB ranks the best in Canada.

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PPC Competitors for Heavy Copper PCB

Custom Copper PCBs - Heavy Cooper & Oversized PCBs - Specializing in Advanced Military & Aerospace Boards. Get A Quote Today! On Time Shipping or Free · 24-Hour Tech Support · 3rd Largest in USA Industries: Medical, Commercial… Heavy copper PCB - PCB Manufacturing - pcb-factory Certified in ISO13485&16949. PCB with advanced technology and high reliability Wide Range Products · Excellent Quality · Quickturn PCB · Circuit Board · Reasonable Price Heavy Copper PCB - China PCBWin Direct Factory‎ PCB Prototype & low volume PCB production,rogers, ENIG, Thick copper, impedance Heavy Copper to 12 OZ - Experienced in heavy copper‎ Up to 12 OZ for 6 layers PCB Heavy Copper PCB | Copper Printed Circuit Boards - Hitech Circuits [...]

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