Material Datasheet

//Material Datasheet

We work with top PCB laminate providers to bring you a wide range of materials options, your choice of laminate material will depend on your design and application, please note that the PCB material listed below may be replaced by equivalent materials, according to available stocks on hand in our PCB factory. Please inquire case by case when working with critical tolerances. If you need these PCB Material Datesheet, please Email to us [email protected] or you can click their office Website and Download it, the website as below, thanks.
Material Datasheet

PCB Laminate Suppliers

Our normal PCB laminate suppliers have ShengYi, Rogers, KB, Isola, ITEQ, Bergquist, Arlon Ventec, etc. Different laminate materials used to fabricate printed circuit boards for advanced electronic applications. Among these are materials with a range of dielectric constants, low dissipation factor, and controlled mechanical properties. Some materials are priced for low-cost commercial applications. For more information on Laminates or you need download the material datasheet, please visit the following official websites. SHENG YI – ROGERS – ISOLA – ITEQ – TACONIC – NAN YA – DUPONT – NELCO – KB

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