A PCB with copper core is a kind of metal core PCB which use copper as the base metal in place of FR4 or CEM3 in other printed circuit boards. A metal core PCB the base materials as heat spreader portion in the circuit board. These kinds of circuit boards are able to deplete heat away from the components of the circuit board. Basically, the copper foil in these circuit boards has thickness from 1 – 10 oz.  Such boards are capable to equip a dielectric polymer layer along with higher thermal conductivity that is responsible for lower thermal resistance.


A Metal core PCB is also recognized as copper substrate, copper clad or copper based printed circuit board that combines copper substrate, Insulated layer and copper circuits layer together. These boards are ideal to use in High Power LED lighter for power distribution. Basically, there are four kinds of copper based PCBs are available to use in LED field. As compare to the FR4 PCBs, these copper based boards transfer heat quickly. It is responsible to keep cool the heat producing equipments that results in enhanced working life and performance. Their conductive cooling feature makes them ideal option for production purposes.


6L thick copper printed circuit board


They mostly find their applications in LED technology to minimize the requirement of LEDs to generate a specific illumination. Some of the specific applications of copper core PCBs are street safety applications, system automotive LED applications, photovoltaic, general lighting applications and many more. Manufacturing and rules for designing these boards are same as to design conventional printed boards. Apart from this, these circuit boards provide excellent performance as compare to the conventional board due to their amazing construction. All of these boards are available at market leading prices online on various websites that you can purchase as per your desired specifications.