Hitechpcb Metal core PCB Capability:

Layers:1-4 Layers
Metal core board type: Normal Aluminum pcb, COB MCPCB, Copper base board,
Max Dimension:1900mm*480mm
Min Dimension:5mm*5mm
Min Trace& line spacing:0.1mm
Warp & Twist:<0.5mm
Finished Product Thickness:0.2-4.5 mm
Copper Thickness:18-240 um
Hole Inner Copper Thickness:18-40 um
Hole Position Tolerance:+/-0.075 mm
Min Punching Hole Diameter:1.0mm
Min Punching Square Slot Specification::0.8mm*0.8mm
Silk Prints Circuit Tolerance:+/-0.075 mm
Outline Tolerance:CNC:+/-0.1mm; Mould:+/- 0.75mm
Min Hole Size:0.2 mm (No limitation in Max hole dimention)
V-CUT Angle Deviation:+/-0.5°
V-CUT Board Thickness Range:0.6mm-3.2mm
Min Component Mark Character Style:0.15 mm
Min Open Window for PADs:0.01mm
Solder Mask:Green, White, Blue, Matte black, Red.
Surface Finishing:HASL, HASL LF, Immersion Gold, OSP

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