Low Cost PCB Assembly Services from China

The PCB manufacturing costs has increased tremendously. This is because today’s manufacturers use specialized base and solder mask materials to assemble printed circuit boards (PCBs) to meet the applications requirements of industries. This leads to an increase in the overall making costs. The focus is on minimizing costs while maintaining high quality standards. The PCB manufacturers are employing several techniques to reduce the PCB assembly costs. We, at Hitech Circuits Co., Limited, located in China, specialize in low cost PCB assembly services. PCB manufactures employ several ways to cut down the PCB assembly cost.

Hitech Circuits Assembly’s Capabilities and in China in Low Cost PCB Assembly Services

We can provide competitively low priced printed circuit boards as:

We have a team of professionals who possess vast knowledge on various aspects of PCB assembly including substrate selection, design for manufacturing (DFM), electronic schematics, PCB layout, PCB fabrication and panel optimization, among others. Our professionals employ the following techniques, among several others to keep the overall PCB assembly costs low.

Arranging the number of vias carefully

Avoiding internal cutouts

Sizing annular rings and holes perfectly to fit in the board

Picking the best vias

Keeping the board size to minimum

Sticking with standard board shape (square or rectangle) than trying with any special shapes

Using only industry standard components and sizes

Suggesting the right surface finish

We possess expertise in offering low cost PCB assembly services in:

RoHS compliant assemblies

SMT or PTH technologies

Leaded or lead free assembly

Single or double-sided, or multilayered

Rapid Prototype PCB assembly

Quick turn PCB assemblies

We possess highly advanced manufacturing equipment that helps get the assembly done faster and cost-effectively.