Know More about Electronic Assembly Manufacturing

Designing a printed circuit board is a complex procedure as a number of stages are involved in developing different types of single and multi-layered boards. To create a fully functional board, various components are attached to it.


The services provided by electronic assembly manufacturing companies are important for electronics industry as all the devices and gadgets are equipped with printed circuit boards with different circuitries.


Now, let’s have a look at the most significant electronic components attached to a PCB that are as follow


  • onnectors- These are used to establish electric connections.
  • Resistors- They resist current
  • Capacitors- These are the components responsible for storing electrical charge.
  • Transistor- It is a semi-conductor device responsible for amplification.
  • Diodes- Diodes conduct electricity in one direction.
  • Integrated Circuit- IC’s are microcomputers embedded on a chip.


Apart from these, there are many more components attached to PCBs. Components are attached to a PCB either by surface mount construction or through-hole construction. Depending upon the volume of the boards, the technique is being selected.

Once the assembly is finished, the circuit is tested to check its quality, voltage, frequency and functionality.