HDI PCB is a kind of PCB, which is featured with higher wiring density per unit in comparison to the conventional one. This device is enriched with smaller vias, excellent connection pad density, finer lines and spaces and capture pads due to which they provide amazing performance as compare to the conventional PCB. This board is available to increase the electrical performance of a device with reduction in size and weight. The board is applicable for cell phones, GPS system, ASemiconductor and automotives apart from which it is also used in medical, instrumentation, military and telecom industry. Its construction combines use of both Microvia and buried vias along with sequential lamination using insulation laminating materials.

A High Density Interconnect PCB is a perfect replacement for high layer-countand sequentially laminated boards. Its conductor wiring allows high density of routing in an efficient and hassle free manner. HDI PCB is considered as an innovative advancement in PCB technology to support additional features like 4G network communications and touch screen computing. It is developed with several layers of stacked microvias filled with copper due to which it allows more complex interconnections in a convenient manner. This HDI PCB provides essential routing solutions now-a-days for pin-count chips that find usage in mobile or other technical device.

Construction of PCB with HDI allows a person to place multiple components easily on both sides. It is a small size device highly appreciated for its excellent frequency and high speed. This PCB is used as a major component of portable computers or laptops, personal computers, digital assistants and mobile devices. Apart from this, it also finds application in MP3 and game consoles to enhance their functionality. Its small size allow more input/output even in small geometries. The PCB is responsible for reducing signal loss and increase in signal transmission.China hdi pcb factory