As compare to the conventional PCB, High Density Interconnect circuit boards features high wiring density at each unit.  HDI PCBs are widely used in GPS system, cell phones, A Semiconductor and automotives for power distribution. These smaller in size and light in weight circuit boards are ideal to enhance device’s electrical performance efficiently. In addition, you can also use these high density circuit boards in instrumentation, medical, telecom and military industries as a better replacement to the conventional circuits. Development of HDI circuit boards combines smaller vias (both Microvia and buried), finer lines & spaces, good connection pad density and capture pads due to which the boards delivers ultimate performance.


High Density Interconnect PCB includes sequential lamination in its construction that is provided through insulation laminating materials.  This printed circuit board you can use as best alternative to the high layer-countand boards. Being an advanced innovation in the PCB technology, the HDI PCB supports various interactive features such as touch screen computing and 4G network communications. It integrates conductor wiring due to which it becomes responsible to allow high routing density in a trouble free manner. Several stacked microvias layers integrated in this printed board is filled with copper, which makes the boards able to handle complex interconnections.

The user can place numerous components on both sides of HDI circuit boards. This small in size device has become highly demandable due to providing efficient performance with high speed and great frequency. In devices like mobile, digital assistants, laptops and personal computers, the high density interconnect PCB is used as a major component for distributing power in a hassle free manner. Apart from this, the circuit board is also applicable in MP3 and game consoles. The signal transmission is increased and the loss of signal would be reduced with these devices.