The copper PCB with copper thickness more than 3 Oz and less than 15 Oz is recommended as heavy copper printed board. Basically, the board is considered heavy or thick on the basis of the copper thickness in the circuit. Heavy copper board technology is used basically to design printer boards with complex switches even if the space is limited. The construction of the PCB includes many diverse circuitries in order to produce higher level of current for the device in which it is going to utilize. Copper PCB are highly useful due to their compact construction and competitiveness in price.

The construction of a heavy copper PCB combines both the copper traces and planes along with accurate copper thickness. These copper printed boards available in proven design are well suitable to handle high voltage and high level of current. They supply power in an efficient manner while using in various equipments for power distribution purposes. Apart from this, the boards are also applicable to use in heat dissipation, planar transformers and power converters because of their complex structure. It includes conductors in its construction that are constructed with thickness and width decided as per the required carrying current capacity.

You can use them in tough conditions such as excessive current, elevated temperatures, quick exposure and recurring thermal capacity where the use of regular PCB is impossible. When talking about aerospace and defense industry, the boards are used in several components for power distribution purposes. In addition, these heavy copper PCB are also find their applications in automotives, computers and other equipments to supply power with an ability to withstand high voltage conditions. Due to their compact design, the boards are quite expensive as compare to the regular printed circuit boards and able to handle rough conditions in an effective manner.