Being used in several industries, Heavy Copper PCB is one of the most popular designs which have proved to be efficient in the highest form. We are respected in the industry for building the circuit boards with traces and copper planes of up to 6 ounces over the years. Since each day the power electronics devices are increasing, thus, the growing trend in the printed circuit industry is also increasing.


The Benefits Of Heavy Copper Circuit:

  • The increased endurance of thermal strains
  • The increased current carrying capacity
  • The heavy copper board carries higher current through the board and help to transfer heat to an external heat-sink
  • The reduces size of the device helps in incorporating multiple copper weights on the same layer of circuit
  • Increased mechanical strength for connector sites and for PTH holes


While you are searching for the Heavy copper board, look out for the thickness as it should always be considered during the circuit design stage. The current carrying capacity of the boards is determined with the width and thickness of the copper and the primary benefit of the circuit board is its capability to survive the frequent exposure towards excessive current which is dependent on the thickness and width.


Heavy copper PCB can be found in our website and feel free to order any of the electronic products as it is a commitment from us that none of the equipment will disappoint your choice. It is a great device to have when you are running an industry or business which requires various kind power needs. Do not forget to install these equipments with the help of professionals as they are complicated to install and only works efficiently with the help of electricians.