You must Know about China PCB fabrication & PCB assembly Services

In terms of electronic products’ function implementations, nothing plays a more significant role than PCB (printed circuit board) that is regarded as the brain of electronics.

As one of the most active economies around the world, China without any doubt carries tremendous advantages in terms of electronics manufacturing due to rich natural and human resources, positive national policies, stable political environment and increasingly uprising international influence. Nevertheless, this eastern country with a long ancient history seems a little distinct from what people have been imagining, from which misunderstanding usually derives. Therefore, it’s necessary for global customers to learn more about “Chinese characteristics” on China PCB service so that they can make better use of China’s resources contributing to high-quality electronics manufacturing for essential benefit achievement depending on electronic products.


Leading Elements Concerning PCB Service

In spite of its small size, PCB board still involves so many aspects or even far more aspects than before due to its uprising complexities. Leading elements concerning PCB service include:


PCB prototype is a direct way to test whether a PCB design file goes correct or not and becomes essentially efficient reference prior to mass-volume production. As far as prototype PCB is concerned, lead time and quality is the most significant factor for PCB service and the former is even the more important. As long as prototype PCB is approved, the authentic PCB manufacturing will be able to take off.

  • PCB Design

PCB service starts with an idea that is expressed through PCB design file. Circuit board design file in detail tells PCB manufacturers what the PCB will be like after it is generated. Fundamental parameters should be contained in PCB design file such as layer count, copper weight, interconnection on board, silkscreen, solder mask etc.

  • PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication accounts for the core part in PCB service, laying a solid foundation for electronic connection. PCB is fabricated by conforming to a professional PCB manufacturing process containing a series of steps which need to be upgraded to be compatible with constantly improving market requirement.

PCB assembly comes right after PCB fabrication with components sourcing simultaneously implemented. PCB assembly further expands connection range of PCB board with components participating in PCB service. Up to now, the prevalent PCB assembly type is SMT (surface mount technology) assembly that is an automatic manufacturing line with high assembly efficiency.