Double sided PCB

//Double sided PCB

Double-sided PCBs(Double-sided Printed Circuit Boards)are one step up above single-sided printed circuit boardin their complexity.
Double Sided PCBs require plated through holes between top and bottom pads to provide better anchoring for soldered components. Today the double sided printed circuit board technology remains the workhorse of the assembly industry. There are near limitless applications for old and new designs. Fine line surface mount, ultra high copper build, high and low temperature, Solder coated, Silver, and Gold finishes are just a few examples of double sided board applications.
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The following are examples of double sided pcb application.
● Industrial controls ● Power supplies
● Consumer Electronics ● LED lighting
● Automotive ● Phone systems
● Control relays ● Hard drives

Smartphone PCB

Technical description Type: Double sides printed wiring board  Laminate: FR4 TG170℃ Board size and thickness: 100*36*1.60mm*3UP Surface finished: ENIG Copper thickness:  35um Solder mask : Green Silkscreen : White

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