Double-sided Heavy Copper Core PCB

Double-sided heavy copper core pcb has two layers of copper conductor but copper core is in the middle of two conductor,so there are conductors on both sides of copper core.Different from single layer pcb,double-sided pcb also requires an additional pressing step to laminate the image thermal conductive laminate and copper core together.

Our double-sided heavy copper core pcb is made of FR-4 material and the board thickness is 2.8mm.The surface is finished with immersion gold 2U.The inner layer copper thickness is 3 Oz and the out layer copper thickness is 11 Oz.

How to make a double-sided heavy copper core printed ciruit board?

1. Drill holes on the copper board.

2. Fill the holes by resin.

3. Laminate dielectric layer bettwen copper board and two copper foil.

4. Drill the holes as your design on the same place that drilled on first step process.

5. Plate through holes should be 1.1mm.

6. Manufacturing trace layer.