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Top 10 PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturers in China

Here, we recommend top 10 PCB Electronics assembly manufacturers in China. PCB designs turn out through the electrical engineering process which forms how your device functions. Lacking electronics you essentially comprise a horde of plastic and metal in your hands.   Things Considered by Hitech Circuits Co., Limited before starting the best PCB PCB Assembly Services range from quick-turn PCBA prototypes to high volume fortification. The state-of-art facility permits to construct eminence products to reach higher standard prospects of customers. Services provided are: PCB’s will be assembled in below 24hrs. Provides machine place SMT There will be no accurate estimate of [...]

How We Manage Quick Turn PCB Board Assembly

Hitech Circuits Co., Limited from China and we can provide rigid pcb, heavy copper pcb, high frequency pcb, Rogers PCB, High density PCB and Aluminium Led PCB, now we can help customer sourcing components and provide turnkey PCB assembly and manufacturing services to meet the needs and requirements of all production sizes within tight deadlines. Hitech Circuits Co., Limited works side-by-side with your engineers and project managers to ensure every specification for the final product is met by: Thoroughly reviewing your instructions and materials: In order to deliver precise and reliable output, our veteran quick turn PCB assembly team conducts [...]

Why You Need 3D X-Ray Testing- Printed Circuit Board Assembly-Hitech PCB

Printed circuit board assembly has come a long way in recent years. Now that PCB assembly can easily be performed by machine, PCB manufacturers have been able to increase their production and drastically reduce the time required for this process. In fact, a few PCB assemblers even offer standard turnaround times of three days or less -- 75% faster than the industry average. However, clients who rely on these circuit boards will never be willing to sacrifice quality for speed. In order to ensure PCB production maintains a high-quality standard and exceeds customer expectations, PCB assemblers must prioritize testing during [...]

What Factors Slow Down PCB Manufacturing- prototype PCB assembly-quick turn PCB assembly

Most people who need PCB and PCB assembly services don't have a lot of extra time to spare. That's why there's an increased need for faster services that don’t sacrifice quality or are too expensive. But finding the right PCB partner can be difficult without thoroughly researching all the options. Not all PCB manufacturing companies are created equal; if you make assumptions, you could end up dealing with unnecessary (and costly) delays you hadn't anticipated. Let's take a closer look at some of the factors that can slow down the PCB manufacturing process.   Prototyping Delays: If you're developing a [...]

Why First-time Customers Should Consider Quick Turn PCB Fabrication

If you are a first-time PCB customer, you would have probably seen many PCB supplier websites offer quick turn PCB assembly as one of the primary services. Have you ever wondered what this service is exactly? Have you ever thought about why PCB suppliers offer this as a primary service? What makes quick turn PCB fabrication better than general PCB manufacturing?  Why should you choose this service? We have been asked these questions before, and we answer them here in this post.   Understanding Quick Turn PCB Fabrication The name says it all! Quick turn PCB services allow PCB manufacturers [...]

Selection Criteria to Choose a Quick Turn Prototype Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Looking for a PCB manufacturer who has in-depth technical know-how, and capacity to fabricate quick turn prototype Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)?   There lists some of the important factors to consider when selecting a quick turn PCB manufacturer.   Parameters to Consider when Selecting a Quick Turn Prototype Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer   Whether your application demands simple or highly complex quick turn prototype PCBs, you must partner with a manufacturer who has proven experience in the field. Associating with an expert in the market helps you avail a product of expected quality and efficiency.   Some of the things [...]

Hitech Circuits Offers Very Low Cost High Density Interconnect PCB

      Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited has, through a collaborative effort with Vast Films and Triangle Labs, created the least expensive high density interconnect board ( HDI PCB).   By using PDIM pre-deposited images in metal (PDIM) technology supplied by Caledon and Vast Films, Triangle Labs successfully developed a process using proprietary technology to copper electroplate PDIM film.   Triangle Research’s Bob Grey confirmed that PDIM supplied with a copper seed image was plated to a thickness of 1.2 mils (30um) maintaining the high adhesion characteristics normally associated with PDIM’s selective pure metal deposition process.   The selection of a ductile copper [...]

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PCB Circuit Board Distributor Wanted

        We are confidence in supplying PCB with good quality with reasonable price and to help you expand your business in a short time.I list our products below as your best ref . If you need any item, please do not hesitate to contact us . Our price is quote FOB or EXW:   Quick Turn PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High Density Interconnect PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Metal core PCB and PCB assembly etc with finishing of HAL, lead-free HAL, flash gold, immersion gold, carbon print and entek(OSP) etc. Our PCB daily capacity reaches 50000 square meters each month. If [...]

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Manufacturer of Quick Turn PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High Density Interconnect PCB and Metal core PCB

          Hitech Circuits is an ISO 9001:2008 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in Guangdong, China. We specialize in providing Quick Turn PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High Density Interconnect PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Metal core PCB and PCB assembly.    As a China PCB manufacturer, we are specializing in PCB Manufacturing, PCB assembly and associated Printed Circuit Board (PCB) services. Hitech Circuits provides quick turn PCB assembly services for Printed Circuit Boards Prototype and low volume productions. We aim to exceed each customer’s expectations by providing exceptional Printed Circuit Boards Assembly and services while maximizing customer profits through sensitivity to cost of goods and [...]

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PCB Make Life Better – the PCB Meeting in the World

Every year it will hold the PCB meeting in the world. People discuss PCB problems in this meeting. PCB makes life better. This is a practical technical session designed to teach how to shorten the High Density Interconnect PCB layout design cycle and how to apply HDI design manufacturing capabilities to a constraint-driven printed circuit board manufacturer. It will explain which processes and features cost most for HDI designs. Also shown will be examples of BGA breakouts (0.8 to 0.25mm).   This session will look at the expected reliability from stacked via technology. It will review IPC-6016 and discuss where [...]

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