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FR4 PCB Board
Characteristics: made fibers, toughness, stretch at break of each silk, commonly used in multi-panel, the thermal expansion coefficient of 13 (16ppm / c), using the factory motherboard prepared with this board.

Multilayer PCB
Characteristics: a high Tg, high heat resistance and low thermal expansion, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss materials, used for four or more than four.

China quick turn pcb factoryFlexible PCB board
Characteristics: the material is relatively soft, transparent, commonly used in the two plates electrical connections for easy folding. For example, a laptop computer in the main LCD and connected parts.

Some basic terms related to printing plates

After the printed board used in electronic equipment, due to the consistency of the same printing plate, thereby avoiding the manual wiring errors, and to achieve automatic insertion of electronic components, or Mount, automatic soldering, automatic testing to ensure the quality of the electronic device, improve labor productivity, reduce costs, and ease of maintenance. printing plates from development to single-sided, multi-layer and flexible, and still protect the respective trends. due to continuous high-precision, high density and high reliability direction, shrinking volume, reduce costs, making printing plates in the future development of electronic equipment, remained strong vitality.

A brief history of PCB

The basic concept of the printed circuit has been proposed in the patent at the beginning of this century, in 1947 the Bureau of Standards and the United States Bureau of American Airlines launched the first printed circuit technology seminars, then lists 26 kinds of different printed circuit manufacturing methods. And grouped into six categories: spray coating method ﹑ ﹑ chemical deposition method ﹑ ﹑ vacuum evaporation method and powder molding press law, when these methods fail to achieve large-scale industrial production until the early fifties, due to the copper foil and layers. bond issues have been resolved plate, copper clad laminate stable and reliable performance, and to achieve a large-scale industrial production, copper etching, becoming mainstream PCB manufacturing technology, has been developed so far. sixties, metal hole double printing and multilayer printed board surface to achieve a large-scale production, the seventies due to the rapid development of large scale integrated circuits and electronic calculators, the rapid development of the eighties and nineties surface mount technology multi-chip assembly technology driven printing circuit board production technology continues to progress, the number of new equipment and new materials ﹑ ﹑ new test instruments have emerged, the direction of the printed circuit & PCB Application production technology further to high density, fine wire, multi-layer, high reliability, low cost and automated continuous production development .


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