Ceramic PCB Capability

General Information About Ceramic Printed Circuit board Ceramic Printed circuit board (Ceramic PCB) includes Alumina (Al2O3), Aluminum Nitride (AIN) with high pressure, high insulation, high frequency, high temperature, and high reliable and minor volume electronic products, so Ceramic PCB will be your best choice. Why Ceramic PCB has such excellent performance? You can have a brief view on its basic structure and then you will understand. 96% or 98% Alumina (Al2O3), Aluminum Nitride (AIN), or Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Conductors material: For thin, thick film technology, it'll be silver palladium (AgPd), gold pllladium (AuPd); For DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) it'll be [...]

Metal core pcb Capability

Aluminium pcb manufacturer Hitech we can provide Metal core pcb,COB MCPCB,Copper base PCB and double sided MPCB with good quality and low price. Hitechpcb Metal core PCB Capability: Layers:1-4 LayersMetal core board type: Normal Aluminum pcb, COB MCPCB, Copper base board,Max Dimension:1900mm*480mmMin Dimension:5mm*5mmMin Trace& line spacing:0.1mmWarp & Twist:<0.5mmFinished Product Thickness:0.2-4.5 mmCopper Thickness:18-240 umHole Inner Copper Thickness:18-40 umHole Position Tolerance:+/-0.075 mmMin Punching Hole Diameter:1.0mmMin Punching Square Slot Specification::0.8mm*0.8mmSilk Prints Circuit Tolerance:+/-0.075 mmOutline Tolerance:CNC:+/-0.1mm; Mould:+/- 0.75mmMin Hole Size:0.2 mm (No limitation in Max hole dimention)V-CUT Angle Deviation:+/-0.5°V-CUT Board Thickness Range:0.6mm-3.2mmMin Component Mark Character Style:0.15 mmMin Open Window for PADs:0.01mmSolder Mask:Green, White, Blue, [...]

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Rigid PCB Capability

Hitechpcb is a professional PCB Manufacturer in China, specializes in Quick Turn PCB and PCB Prototypes with low volume orders. We are good at Aluminum based PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, High Multilayer printed Circuit Board, High Density PCB, HDI PCB, Impedance Control PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, and other Advanced Circuits. Hitechpcb is continuously innovating the technology improving our rigid PCB Capability to meet customers High-Tech requirements with High-Density PCB, High Multilayer pcb, Greater Aspect Ratio, betterImpedance Controlled product.Our Rigid PCB Capabilities below: Layer counts: 1-38 LayersMaximum size: 550x1600mmMaterial: CEM1,CEM3,FR-4,High Tg FR-4,Halogen free,High Frequency(Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,Nelco...), Aluminium base, Copper baseBoard outline tolerance: ±0.10mmBoard thickness: [...]

Flexible PCB Capability

Hitechpcb is professional Flexible PCB Manufacturer, we can produce flexible printed circuit board, rigid-flex multilayer PCB up to 12 Layers, Flex-rigid PCB line width / spacing can be achieved minimum 3mil, we also provide Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards with HDI PCB, Impedance Control board.  Layer counts 1-12 layersBase material Kapton, PI, PET (Flex)/FR4 (Rigid)Base material thickness 12.5um-50um(Flex)/0.1mm to 3.2mm(Rigid)Copper thickness 1/2 oz to 2 ozProtective film thickness 12um to 25umAdhesive thickness 12um to 35umReinforcement PI, PET, FR4, Stainless steelMaximum board size 9.842''*19.685''Minimum Line/ Space .002''Minimum hold .006'' Surface Treatment: ENIG,Immersion Tin,OSP,Carbon Ink.  please click the following links: Flexible pcb products Find [...]