A conformal coating is defined as a thin layer of transparent plastic that “fits” the body of the PCB and component. By being breathable, it forms a protective layer that protects against particular environmental conditions, but also allows any moisture trapped in the board to escape.

The conformal coating is a protective coating for printed circuit boards (PCBs). It protects PCB components from moisture, heat, cold, dust, smoke, weather changes and other environmental conditions that can affect PCB performance. The use of a conformal coating on the PCB reduces the need for repair or replacement of printed circuit boards, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance or warranty repairs by increasing the product’s Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).  PCB & PCB assembly conformal coating

The entire board can be applied to the coating by spraying or brushing. PCB &PCBA conformal coating

The coating can be brushed or sprayed onto specific parts. PCB&PCBA conformal coating

If not protected, the PCB has a higher chance of damage, causing the electronic device to malfunction. When electronic equipment must withstand harsh environments, increased protection is beneficial, giving the product longer time to use and product reliability opportunities, reducing the cost of early field failures. A special advantage of conformal coatings is their insulating properties, which can help eliminate the need for complex, sophisticated enclosures by wiping out potential performance damage caused by environmental stresses. It also provides mechanical protection against vibration and thermal shock. PCB&PCBA conformal coating

Conformal coatings containing UV tracers (dyes) can be easily inspected using an ultraviolet light source. This is a valuable tool for verifying complete coverage and ensuring that the coating is free of air bubbles, cracks, flaking and any foreign matter. PCB&PCBA conformal coating

Conformal coatings are becoming more common in consumer and household appliances that are susceptible to environmental impact, including portable devices such as mobile phones and washing machines.