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сборка печатных плат & Электронная сборка & Производство электроники из Китая

Hitech Circuits является производителем в Китае с многолетним опытом поддержания качества своей работы. Наша компания специализируется на производстве жестких ПП, печатных плат с высокой плотностью межсоединений, ПП с алюминиевым основанием и электронной сборке с высокой скоростью изготовления. Мы можем изготовить платы с 1 и до 38 слоев. В том числе, двухсторонние печатные платы, многослойные платы, платы с металлическим основанием, гибко-жёсткие печатные платы и печатные платы с высокой плотностью межсоединений (HDI), а также компания занимается сборкой и обслуживанием. Наша основная деятельность связана с производством и сборкой ПП и электроники. Мы - производитель печатных плат и наши 3 завода заняты производством: быстро-эффективных [...]

Montagem de PCB & Montagem de eletroeletrônicos & Produção de Eletroeletrônicos da China

Hitech Circuits Co., Limited é uma fábrica de montage PCB & PCB sedidada na China com uma grande tradição em qualidade e excelência. Nossa empresaf oca em pcb rígido, pcb de alta densidade, pcb de alumínio e na montagem de eletroeletrônicos com um serviço de rápida conclusão. No momento nós fornecemos de 1 à 38 camadas de produtos PCB, as quais incluem camadas duplas de PCB, camadas múltiplas de PCB, núcleos metálicos de PCB, PCB rígidos e flexíveis e de alta densidade (HDI), serviço de montagem de PCB, etc. Placa de Circuito Impresso e Produção de Eletroeletrônicos, as quais são [...]

Telecom amplifier PCB

Technical Parameters Part Number:M02S12385 Layer count: 2 Board thickness:0.254mm Dimension:118.8*65.3mm Raw material:Rogers(R04350B) Copper thickness on the board surface:≥45um Copper thickness in the hole barrel:20um Min.line width/space:0.38mm Minimum hole diameter:0.4mm Surface finishing:immersion silver, 5-12 microinch Application:telecom amplifier

Typical phenomena in Cross Section of high frequency PCB PTH

Do you know how to identify the plated through hole cross-section defect for high frequency PCB to keep your PCB at superior quality performance? Let PCB board supplier Hitech Circuits advise the most common quality defects in the plated through hole of the high frequency PCB. To demonstrate the major quality defects of the plated through hole of high frequency PCB, PCB board supplier Hitech Circuits attaches a graphical representation for your better understanding: According to the above graphical representation from PCB board supplier, the major quality defects of the plated through hole of high frequency PCB include: undercut, outgrowth, overhang, resin blistering, laminate void, [...]

Top 10 PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturers in China

Here, we recommend top 10 PCB Electronics assembly manufacturers in China. PCB designs turn out through the electrical engineering process which forms how your device functions. Lacking electronics you essentially comprise a horde of plastic and metal in your hands.   Things Considered by Hitech Circuits Co., Limited before starting the best PCB PCB Assembly Services range from quick-turn PCBA prototypes to high volume fortification. The state-of-art facility permits to construct eminence products to reach higher standard prospects of customers. Services provided are: PCB’s will be assembled in below 24hrs. Provides machine place SMT There will be no accurate estimate of [...]

6 Steps for Reworking a PCB

Now that we've defined what it means to rework a PCB, let's dive into how it's done! Here are six steps you can take today to improve the skill of your design. 1.Make Your PCB Larger Prototypes rarely need to be as small as final designs, so make your prototype PCB larger and put it in an off-the-shelf prototype enclosure. This will allow you to release your design faster, wasting less time on tricky PCB layout issues. To test as part of your system, connect your larger prototype PCB into tight spots in your system using cables. A larger PCB [...]

An Overview of Common Electrical Components Used in PCBA

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are composed of a wide range of electrical elements. The most decisive elements that are utilized in PCB assemblies are resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors. This blog is meant to familiarize you with these critical elements that contribute largely in the successful assembling of PCBs. An Overview of the Four Vital PCB Components Let us understand the role of resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors in a PCB.   Resistors, these elements play a crucial role in regulating the current flow to a safe limit. Resistors perform a vital task of providing only the required biasing for [...]

Copper Base board (Copper base printed circuit board)

Copper Base PCB, Metal PCB is the thermal conductivity dielectric material in the MCPCB. This acts as a thermal bridge between the IC components and metal backing plate. Heat is conducted from the package through the metal core to an additional heat sink. On the FR4 board the heat remains stagnant if not transferred by a topical heatsink. LED PCB always be produced with Aluminum core, but sometimes steel core PCB and copper core PCB also be used. Copper Base PCB Metal PCB ENIG White 1 Layer, Copper base material. Finished board thickness is 1.6mm. White solder mask 1 Oz [...]

A Glossary Of Terms For The PCB Manufacturing Process

Your life practically runs on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and you may not have even known it. These circuit boards are in nearly all computational electronics, from smartphones to digital clocks. It works by routing electric signals through electronics, essentially telling the electricity where to go and bringing electronics to life. As the PCB manufacturing process and function of PCBS are rather complicated, there is a whole slew of relevant terms to know.   Analog Circuit: A type of circuit in which the output varies as a continuous function of the input. This is in contrast with a digital circuit, [...]

24 layers High Density Interconnect PCB, HDI PCB Manufacturing HDI board China

24 layers High Density Interconnect PCB, HDI PCB Manufacturing HDI board China High Density Interconnects (HDI PCB) Board are used to meet the market demand for complex designs in smaller form factors across the majority of market segments, (Wireless, Telecom, Military, Medical, Semiconductor, and Instrumentation). HDI Circuit boards, one of the fastest growing technologies in PCBs, HDI Boards contain blind and/or buried vias and often contain microvias of .006 or less in diameter.They have finer lines and spaces always = <3mil They have a higher circuitry density than traditional circuit boards. Hitechpcb maintains years of experience with HDI products and [...]