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10 Layers high density pcb for Industry control

10 Layers high density pcb for Industry control Details: 10 layers HDI PCB Structure: 2+6+2 with stagger via Material: FR4 Tg170(Halogen free material) Thickness: 1.6mm Surface finished: Immersion Gold Blind via L1-2 & L2-3 & L8-9 & L9-10: 0.1mm(4mil) Buried via L4-8: 0.2mm(8mil) Impedance control: differential 90 & 100ohm Minimum trace/space: 0.1/0.1mm Green LPI solder mask White legend mark

Double sides PCB

Technical description Material: FR-4 Tg135 PCB Size:158.75*118.6mm Board thickness: 1.6mm Surface finished: HAL LF Copper thickness: 1/1 Oz Min through hole: 0.2mm Consumer Electronics

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How an Integrated PCB Library Can Reduce Development Cost

I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to developing new recipes for my kid. Just last week, I insisted on preparing the bolognese sauce from scratch as I tried to whip up a decent pasta dish. I ended up taking more time than I should have, as my son grew in frustration and hunger by the minute. That’s when I decided to just buy off-the-shelf pasta sauce next time.

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Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are integral parts of all electronic devices, ranging from simple digital wrist watches and handheld games, to highly complicated satellite systems. PCB are manufactured in several ways to meet the unique requirements of varied industries. They can be fabricated in single sided, double sided, and multi-layered configurations as per the demands.

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