Aluminium based pcbAluminum based PCB, also named Aluminium PCB, metal clad(MCPCB) PCB, insulated metal substrate(IMS or IMPCB) PCB, thermally conductive PCBs, etc. It is generally including single layer, double layer and multi layer.
Operating theory:
The power device surface mounting on circuit layer, it is ideally suited for the mounting of high power light emitting diodes (LEDs) easily dissipating the heat generated by power devices.

Aluminum based PCB used:

 Aluminum base PCB used:
1. Audio devices: input, output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier.etc.
2. Power Supply: Switching Regulator,DC / AC converter,SW regulator.
3. Telecommunications electronic equipment: high-frequency electric amplifiers ,Filtering appliance ,Transmitter circuit,etc.
4. Office automation equipment: Electric motor, drives.etc
5. Automotive: Electronic regulator, Ignition, Power Controllers.etc
6. Computer: CPU board ,Floppy drive ,Power Device.etc
7. Power Modules:Converter, solid-state relay ,Power Rectifier bridges,etc
8. Lamps Lighting: with the promotion of energy-saving lamps, Aluminum base PCB , used on LED lights ,begin large-scale application.

1. Single-sided Aluminium pcb

Single-sided-Aluminium-pcbAluminium PCB (Metal Core PCB for LED Lighting)
Single-Sided board ( SSB)
Base-material: Aluminium Base material
Board thickness: 1.6MM
Solder mask Color: White TaiYo
Silkscreen: Black
Surface Finish: HAL Lead Free

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2. Bergquist Aluminum based pcb

Bergquist-Aluminum-based-pcbBergquist aluminum based printed circuit board
Base Material: Bergquist material Aluminum pcb
Layers: 1
Thickness: 1.5mm
Copper thickness: 1Oz
plating process: Immersion gold
Description: LED MPCB

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COB-MCPCBCOB MCPCB(known as Chip-on-Board Metal core pcb) is semi-conductor assembly technology, where micro-chip also known as die is electrically interconnected instead of using traditional assembly process or individual IC packaging on the final product board. COB MCPCB used in thermoelectric separation application products.
For normal MCPCB, there’s a dielectric layer between trace copper and metal core, and the thermal conductivity is limited by that dielectric layers, so value can only be 1~3 W/m.K. But using COB MCPCB, there’s no such dielectric layer because chip (die) direct touch the metal core, so thermal conductivity value of COB MCPCB will be almost the same one of metal core material itself. The normal material of metal core is aluminum, so thermal conductivity of COB MCPCB is more than 200W/m.K.

Material: Mirrow Aluminum
Number of Layers: 1 layers
Thickness: 1.6mm
Color of Solder Mask: White
Finished Immersion: Mirror Silver

4. Copper based PCB 

Copper based pcbCopper based printed circuit board
Base Material: Copper material
Layers: 1
Thickness: 3mm
Copper thickness: 1 Oz
plating process: Immersion gold
Description: Power LED MCPCB
Countersink holes+Countersink solt routing


5. TCB Aluminum for for SMI charger pcb

Aluminium based printed circuit board
Base Material: PTTC TCB
Layers: 1
Thickness: 1.60mm
Copper thickness: 1 oz
plating process: OSP
Description: SMI charger
Heat conductivity: 2W/m.K


6. Double Sides Aluminium Based PCB



Double-sided Aluminum Base PCB for display
1.60mm board Thickness,
Solder mask: LPI Black
Min. PTH hole dia. 0.25mm
HAL LF Surface Treatment.
2 OZ copper thickness