PCB or Printed Circuit Board is a combination of copper etching and plating processes. Circuits used in the process are layered and etched to remove unwanted copper. It is plated to add copper thickness to planes, traces, pads and plated-through-holes. These layers of circuits are laminated using an epoxy-based substrate, such as FR4 or polyimide. Heavy Copper PCB has a built-in base metal core.

The core of the heavy PBCs helps in dispersing heat and emits from different components of the board. This PBC is not applicable for all purposes but for very specific needs of the customers. These are used in the industries for purposes like welding equipment, solar panel manufacturing process, power supplies, automotive industries, electrical power distribution and power converters.

Applications Of Heavy Copper PCB Boards
•    It helps in the dispersion of heat and reduces its core temperature. This application keeps the device safe by itself from any damage. It is able to transfer the heat of the component at a much faster rate.

•    It is a high frequency PCB and limited to only those who cannot be cooled by using conventional fan-cooling technique. The boards laminate, scatter and eliminate heat by making the device much cooler and therefore, the devices’ performance improves and increases their performance.

•   Heavy Copper PCB is made of a mixture consisting of various special alloys. Also Heavy Copper PCB is estimated to be 8 to 9 times faster than the other contemporary PCBs.

•    It is also useful for saving the performance of LED devices and from getting effected. It is necessary to use high density Heavy Copper PCB Board while using LED devices.
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